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Christoph Sommer and Falko Dressler:
Vehicular Networking

ISBN: 9781107046719

With this essential guide to vehicular networking, you will learn about everything from conceptual approaches and state-of-the-art protocols, to system designs and their evaluation. Covering both in- and inter-vehicle communication, this comprehensive work outlines the foundations of vehicular networking as well as demonstrating its commercial applications, from improved vehicle performance, to entertainment, and traffic information systems. All of this is supported by in-depth case studies and detailed information on proposed protocols and solutions for access technologies and information dissemination, as well as topics on rulemaking, regulations, and standardization. Importantly, for a field which is attracting increasing commercial interest, you will learn about the future trends of this technology, its problems, and solutions to overcome them. Whether you are a student, a communications professional or a researcher, this is an invaluable resource.

The Authors

Christoph Sommer

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Falko Dressler

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Sommer and Dressler have done a painstakingly thorough and solid review of the highly dispersed field of vehicular networking – all the way from in-vehicle networks to V2X, and to privacy and security issues. Destined to be an authoritative book in this area.

Onur Altintas, Toyota InfoTechnology Center

This book provides an excellent coverage of all the important aspects of vehicular networking. It is very well written and of great value for a broad spectrum of readers including researchers, engineers in the automotive industry, and people who are not in this area but who would like to learn the basics of this exciting new field.

Ozan K. Tonguz, Carnegie Mellon University

This is the best comprehensive guide to existing and emerging automotive networks. Whether interested in connecting components inside vehicles or networking vehicles with the outside world – it is worth reading for anyone trying to understand technology options and research results in this field.

Marco Gruteser, Rutgers University

Bibliographic information

Vehicular Networking
Christoph Sommer and Falko Dressler
Cambridge University Press
Date Published:
December 2014
Hardback and eBook
eBook DOI:
Hardback ISBN-10:
1-107-04671-8 (1107046718)
Hardback ISBN-13:
978-1-107-04671-9 (9781107046719)


  1. Introduction
  2. Intra-vehicle communication
  3. Inter-vehicle communication
  4. Access technologies
  5. Information dissemination
  6. Performance evaluation
  7. Security and privacy


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